Shaping the Western Landscape

Cami and Zach


Western United States became a new landscape for Pioneers to cultivate. The Kentucky Bluegrass and an aggressive fur trapping empire led to the exploitation of the west being called “ecological imperialism.” Nationalism led to a fondness of the wilderness of the west. Because of this George Catlin took pride in preserving nature and eventually invented Yellowstone National Park.

George Catlin!

One of the first Americans to support the preservation of nature as a national policy was George Catlin. He was a painter and student of Native American life. In South Dakota during 1832 he observed the Sioux Indians who hunted buffalo to trade their tongues for whiskey. He was angry about the Indians killing the buffalo, so he came up with the idea of national parks to protect animals from being killed for profit. This lead to the creation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872.

Primary Source

Census by State 1790-1850

Westward movement in the United States is shown in the census. The population grew steadily in states like Missouri. Pioneers in a hurry to have new land rushed into the west.


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