Help Wanted: Architect/Designer

Need someone interested in skyscrapers and building. Must have Similar or same career.

If interested contact Noah Cassell at 865-771-1249.

  • Looking for somebody that enjoys designing and using their imagination in the real world.
  • What you will do is be designing building, offices, and homes. Must be able to live up to buyers potential.
  • Working Conditions: You will have an office when trying to find buyers, but have a office set up for you at job site. Bathrooms are included in both, along with a mini fridge and microwave.
  • Work Interest: People with these similar interest may qualify for the job.

                                    1.Building                          2.Computers

                                    3.Drawing                           4.Good with numbers

                                    5.Using imagination  

  • Work Value: Must be able to finish all jobs. Live up to the buyers needs/wants. Must to it fast and no questions asked! But still have fun doing it!
  • You basic skills must include, knowing different types of material, how to use those materials. You also need to know how to design anything from a simple room to a giant building in New York city.
  • Minimum Education level: Is a Bachelors Degree from a university.
  • Salary Information: You will make around $80,000 a year, with the exception of raises and holiday bonuses.
  • You may have experience in other fields such as, welding, accountant, Artist, ETC...
  • The growth potential is faster than usual.
  • Your average salary starting out will be about 25.50 an hour. With benefits.
  • If you are interested a contact form is below

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