Opportunities with Technology

access with the internet

Digital access is what some people don't have we have to limit ourselves because we don't know if any where else in the world don't have the access like we do. Parents should teach their about the different limits people have around the world, in america people have no limit in the technology world. Know that sometimes it hard to get access in different parts of the world.

Many times people need to walk for miles just to get a signal to use a computer or to use a cell phone. School children don't have internet to look up things for homework they have to work to the city to use the computer, children sometimes need help but have the ways to help it because they don't have much access. Maybe these children only have five min. to use the internet nobody really knows. Parents need to show and tell their children that not always they have the world in their hands.

Digital commerce

Digital commerce is the problem that alot of poeple have, if you want to buy something online you have to very careful, you have to put double the seat beat to be sure no one will take their information, there are people who will do anything to take their identity. People will send you email, and call you to reassure that "company" has your right information, you have to be very safe with what you do because you never know who is on the other side of the line talking to you.


Digital Commutation has developed so much over the years, we can now talk to each other many different ways, such as;

- Facebook

- email


-face time Skype...etc

These ways of communication has helped us so much because we can talk to each other faster and easier, some people around the world don't even know what facebook or texting is because they haven't even had the chance to use it. Parents should teach their kids how to use the communication right and not take it as a joke because they have it in their hands some people don't have anything in their hands, so they need to understand how hard it is at times to get communicated with others.

the difference between parents and child usage if the technology


When the work and school don't have software, students sometimes are left behind with the new technology. The childern need the software to but they think sometimes its to much for us and we wont pay attention it can be true but we still need the new software to helps us a lot.


Digital Etiquette are the manners you use while using technology, you can acted different on the internet then in person but also when you using a different language while texting you tends to use it in person or in your work. Its not really talking to people like you five years old and cant spell you have to know when to talk normal and when you can fool around talking gibberish. You cant really talk to a person like you do online with a friend because that person will see you as a child that doesn't know what they are saying, if other people like in a higher power then you see this they wont have the time to talk to you, cause they think you a child and not educated.

Some people are very different they act loud and wild on the internet but when they in person they are shy and don't want to talk to you. Or they just have derives all around then when they go out because thats the only way they know how to talk to you or act.

Digital Security

Digital Security you need to know what you are putting on the internet because their are many people that know how to hack into your things. Password is a main way to keep yourself safe because if you have a hard password that has different characters and symbols and nothing to do with your information, because if its hard they will take forever just to get one letter of your password.

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