My Dream Home
By: Raegan M. EGS

Kitchen: My dream home would have a silverfish brown tile floor in the kitchen. My kitchen would have a big sink with a foucet with two buttons on it that have different ways for the water to come out. It would have a marble counter top. I would have a microwave oven and a regular oven. I would have a touch screen dish washer. My fridge would be touch screen and have a variety of different kinds of juices and pops in the water despencer. My dining table would be Salem Maple wood and it would have a foot massager for your feet at the bottom of the table.

Living Room: My living room would have a really big flatscreen. The flatscreen would have voice control so I wouldn't have to use the remote as much. My couch would have a massager in the seats and so would my chairs. My curtains would be fox racing prints on them. I would have a metal fox head above my flatscreen tv. I would have a fire place that it would turn on if I said turn on. My lamps would be by my couch and chairs on tables.

Landscape: My backyard will have a water fountain that you can get inside like a tunnel. My pool with have jets and in the middle of the pool it would have a hot tub that you could just get into from the pool. I would also have a bridge so if I didn't want to get into the pool before I would want to get into the hot tub. I would also have a diving board. My hot tub would have jets and different colors of lights. I would also have a HUGE motorcross track. It would have lots of hills and turns. I would have motorcross races at my house. In the middle of my track I would have a mud tunnel that I could drive my dirt bike through. The tunnel would have strobe lights.

Garage: My garage would be so big that I could fit my truck and all of my dirt bikes and four wheelers and three wheelers and razors inside of it. I would have a tv in my garage so I could work on vehicles and watch tv at the same time. I would have a stair case and upstairs I would have all of my tools. When I would walk in the lights would turn on and if I walked out the would turn off so they would be automatic.

Bathrooms: I would have 4 bathrooms that would all have a bath tub with lights and jets and they would play music and I would have speakers. My bath tub would know what music I would like. I would also have another tv in all of my bathrooms. I would have only two showers though. My shower head would have a dial for different ways for the water to come out. I would have lights in my shower too. I would have two sinks in each bathroom.

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