Newton's Balls of Motion

Created by: Niko McHenry


Newton's first Law of Motion...

       -an object in motion will stay in motion and an object

       at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.


The soccer ball is a great example of Newton's first law. The law states that "an object at rest will stay in rest unless acted upon an unbalanced force." Just as the law states, it shows on the soccer field. When a ball is at rest on a field, it will stay at rest unless a player kicks the ball, causing an unbalanced force making the ball move. The law also states that "an object in motion will stay at motion unless acted upon an unbalanced force." An unbalanced force that causes the ball to rest is gravity. Gravity stops a ball pulling towards the center of the earth eventually reaching earth and falling until it finally stops. Another unbalanced force is friction. In soccer there is all types of frictions occurring. The friction that occurs during soccer can slow down and stop a moving soccer ball. When you go to the Moon, there is zero gravity, so when you kicked a soccer ball there is no unbalanced force by gravity, so the ball could go forever.

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Newton's second Law in Motion...

        -the force of an object is equal to its mass times acceleration.

The photo above shows an intense Tugga War match going on. Tugga War explains Newton's second law very well. The Law shows you the equation

Force=Mass x Acceleration                                  

This equation means the more mass and the more force you apply, so the team with the most mass and the most acceleration in the pull will win. This law can also imply to car crashes. The faster you are driving when you crash, the more damage will effect the car.

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Newton's third Law of Motion...

         -for every action there is an opposite reaction.

From a ball bouncing up off the floor to an earthquake triggering a tsunami, Newton's third law of motion tells us a lot about how the world works. When an earthquake is triggered there is an equal force triggered on the opposite side of the earth creating a earthquake or a tsunami. Newton's Law states "for every action there is an opposite reaction. The picture above is a great example. Since the balls are equal in mass they have the same amount of force creating a net force of "0." If one ball was to have 5 N and another was to have 6 N it would be unequal creating an unbalanced net force making them eventually stop.

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Created By: Niko McHenry

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