London Daene Minor Sapp

This is a website all about me~ 안녕동 !


Hi, I'm London Sapp. I do love to dance, as you can see by the weird photo up top. YES! I am wearing make up, that's what I have to do peoples! I'm 13, I was born August 8, 2001. My dream collage is, KArts it's in Seoul, Korea. I do speak Korean, I've been learning it all summer. I like Japanese, anime and manga. I listen to Korean Pop (KPOP) I love it so, so, so, so much! I can listen to it all day, and won't get bored of it. I'm the craziest, funniest, out going person that you'll ever meet!

Tech Apps (6th Period.) (^.^)

Here's a little about my family,

I'm the only girl in my house hold, there's a totally of 4 little girls in my whole entire family. SO, I'm sort of a tomboy due to the boys in the family. I do play football, with my brother's and not afraid to get dirty. I'm sort of not the average girl, well in Navasota. I love Anime, and Manga. Korean music, and I love rock bands! I'm glad that I'm different, I don't get along with most of girls in my town. Because, I'm different, but I live life to the fullest.

Here's some of my favorite animes. SAO, AOT,Naruto, and Fairy Tail.. THEY'RE ALL BOSS!!

At the top it's something that has to go on my rubric for school, I just edited it a little... xD

Okay, everyone has their celebirty crush! I have mine, it's Choi Seung Hyun. Someone probably none of you know. I listen to Korean Boy Bands. So, Kpop. I do speak korean, and I understand it. I write in it also, even though most of it, isn't exactly correct. (In Writing.) Hah, but thanks for listening.


If have any Questions about me, which most you might not. Here's my Email(s), shoot me up a message.


Thanks, alot

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