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If you are in an applicable position, we highly recommend a 401(k) plan, which is a retirement savings plan designed to help you, our valued customer to invest fractions of your paychecks before taxes are taken out.  


A bond is a contract that a corporation issues that promises to repay borrowed money, plus interest, on a fixed schedule.

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposits are a form of time deposit offered primarily by banks, savings and loans, and credit unions. CDs have a maturity date, when the investor receives the principal back with interest.

Corporate Bond

A corporate bond is generally issued by a corporation in effort to raise financing.

Junk Bond

A junk bond is considered high risk but has the potential for high yields.

Municipal Bond

Municipal bonds are commonly used to fund public expenses, including highways. These bonds are common within the high income tax bracket.

Money Market Mutual Funds

A money market fund is an investment whose objective is to earn interest for shareholders. It is composed of high-quality, liquid debt and monetary investments.

Treasury Notes and Bonds

A treasury note is a government debt security that maintains a fixed interest rate and generally lasts up to 10 years. These notes can be obtained from either the government or through a bank.


An equity is a stock that represents ownership interest.

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