End of Year Project


Angel Gonzalez


6492 Ramos Point


Objective: My Goal is to be a professional barber

Education: In elementary I went to Ysleta Elementary. And in middle school I went to Paso Del Norte. In high school I attended Pebble Hills High school.

Accomplishments: Perfect Attendance

Experience: My Experience was baby sitting and helping my dad fix a car

Start Date: July 2011

End Date: July 2012

Skills: My skills is to be responsible and have some respect

letter of Recommendation

I met Isaac in sixth Grade. He was the third person that I met when I moved schools. He is good at Basketball. Also he is a very funny person. Me And Isaac always had the same classes threw out the years.

Isaac is a high school Graduate who has A's And b's in all his classes. He always wants to do the right thing. He is very talented in basketball. He is always Turing all his work on time.

Isaac is searching for a job as a basketball coach. He has experienced when he played basketball. I think he would make a good coach because he knows alot about basketball.

Cover Letter/ Letter Of Intent

Gonzalez, Angel

369 BLVD

El Paso, Texas, 79938

May 24, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, Foot locker

Selling shoes

El Paso, Texas, 79938

Dear Miguel Trevizo,

I Angel Gonzalez i am a sales person. I want to work here because I am a good sales person. I've been doing this for two years.  I want to be a employee for you. I want to work my up to manager.

I want to become a manager. I've been selling different stuff for two years. I want our store to have many people coming to buy stuff. I am very organized with the stuff that is in stock. When we close i put everything that is a mess i put it were it belongs.

I am a good worker. I can do many things that you guys want me to do. I will follow the rules you guys have.


Angel Gonzalez


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