Environmental Essay

By: Jariah I. Putney

     People often say different things to express themselves. These sayings range from advice to a short speech. These quotes also have different affects on people emotionally of mentally. If one is to define these sayings into a word it would be a "quote". Quotes bring wisdom from a past of a generation's own experiences to improve on the world, and these quotes do just that.

     Anne Frank is a famous author who is also quite young herself. Age has nothing to do with inspiration, Anne's book aka her diary. "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world" ~ Anne Frank. I feel that this shows why people care for the world, everyone is doing something to improve it than harm it. Anne shows she cares for the Earth and those who cherish it and I am one of those people.

     I am a Native-American so heritage scores it a spot right here. At first I myself didn't know what it meant until later (now). " We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow from our children"~Native-American Proverb. As I have gotten older I now know that they meant the newer generation will take better care/ownership of the world. I myself intend to keep that promise just for you ancestors.

    Alan M. Eddison is a caring man, he wants the Earth to be better than what it is and isn't afraid to speak out. He cares so much that he became director of Green Earth Affairs Headquarters in Zimbabwe. " Modern Technology owes Ecology an Apology"~ Alan M. Eddison. Alan's quote is also a rhyme making it easy to remember. When I first heard it I understood it immediately, it suggest that technology and those who hold it dear should remember about the planet they live on as well.

     These quotes aren't completely different, they all have mention of the same problem at hand. They do however have different context and different suggestions. Anne's quote states that there is always someone who improves on the world. The natives say that the future generation will be improve the world over time. Alan just blames modern technology for its faults and affects on the worlds health. The way that I see it they all have the same purpose for the same problem, just a different meaning.

      Like I've stated before all three of these quotes aren't that different. All three target the same problem and encourages others to take action, others like me. Anne's quote makes me take action because most people aren't waiting for a solution to walk up, it starts now. My ancestors want me to achieve what they believe is right, and I attend to do so. Eddison actually encourages me to use technology less than what I have been doing for the planet's health. Long story short these quotes make me feel like I can do something for the Earth to make a big difference.

     My teachers have also been giving some good advice such as Mr. Wilson who has told me that himself. " The earth isn't anyone's possession, it is all our home"~ Mr. Matthew Wilson. Like with the natives it took me a while to understand it, but all it took were connections. At first i had to remember that the earth belongs to no one, but we all can agree it is our home and like a home we have to take care of it and love it as we love ourselves. When I pulled these connections together I soon understood it and I can honestly say, " that's deep bro". Similarly enough to the other quotes it also encourages me to take better care of the earth as if it were my own home, and you only get one true home.

    In conclusion these quotes vary for different reasons that all point to a main solution and problem. For example My ancestors ( natives) have said that the future generation will take care of the planet, and Anne says that nobody needs to wait for an opportunity to do something just do it. Alan also shows that technology isn't always good and that it has negative affects such as harming our world, and Mr. Wilson says that our planet is our home and that we should keep it healthy and clean. What all that these people have said, it encourages me to take action use technology less and keep my...no "our" planet clean and healthy for others as well. There is really nothing more that I could say other than " go green or go home".

Thank you for reading.   Fin.





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