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Interior Plantation Shutters – Understanding Important Structural Aspects About Them

Planning to redesign your interiors? There are many ways in which you can think of creating entirely new looks for your interior space. The furniture and wall colour and floorings and even the lighting fixtures can be changed and adjusted to really redefine any room. But the one aspect that is generally ignored by most people looking to transform their interior are the windows.

This is why it is always recommended to treat your windows separately and ensure that they confirm to the decor theme you are planning for the room. Moreover, the windows will also be responsible to regulate the light and air entering the room. Overly embellished windows end up making the room feel stuffy and congested. I would personally recommend that you go for installing interior plantation shutters on your windows. These are wonderful decor elements that can really add more light as well as more airiness to the room and will even make the space look much bigger than it actually is.

But before you go ahead with the idea, there are a few aspects that you will need to understand about interior plantation shutters so that you can make the right design and installation calls.

There are several factors that will determine the actual functionality and aesthetic value that will be added to your room if you install plantation shutters on its windows. Window shutters will typically have three modes of operation:

  • shutter slats fully open to allow in maximum light
  • slats fully closed to prevent light from coming in
  • and with the louvers partially open to restrict and control the exterior light and view to the desired level.

When you consider the everyday use of a space the most important mode of functionality for interior plantation shutters, out of these three, is in the fully open mode. This is when light enters the room in the most unrestricted format and allows for the space to come alive with airiness. This is one aspect that can never be completely achieved with window curtains as they will always block at least some part of the window. But with plantation shutters, you can get unrestricted access to light as much as you want.

From the functionality point of view, the louver or shutter slat width largely determines the amount of light coming in and the ability to see outside. The thinner the louver, the more light can come in and the better the view. This however, doesn’t mean that you should think about using material that is too flimsy to have any structural integrity. Interior plantation shutters manufactured from wood can be considered to be the best variety for use in any home. They will completely go with almost any decor theme you are planning to use in the room and are strong enough to hold their own and provide you with the protection your home needs from outside elements.

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