Analysis Project

By: Anish Shah

Chapter 10: "The road to new beginnings"

    In this chapter, it starts off late at night in the plantation barn. Emma and Joe plan on leaving the plantation at night, they also plan on leaving with Charles, Winnie and their baby. Emma and Joe were waiting in the barn for Charles, Winnie and the baby for a long time. They were contemplating whether to leave without them or stay and wait, but at the nick of time Charles and the gang showed up. Charles states he was late because he wanted to wait for his father to fall asleep. As Joe agrees to leave immediately, Charles's father, Sampson, walked through the barn door holding a lamp and said that they were not going anywhere.

    Charles was shocked that his father arrived to the scene. Sampson tricked Charles, thinking he was asleep so Sampson could see what Charles was up to. Sampson and Charles then get into an aggressive argument regarding freedom and life on the plantation. Charles then, after the conversation, tries to leave with everyone but Sampson blocks his path.

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