Gratitude Tackk

I think three ways to stay positive, and optimistic are...

- To always think of what you have going for you, not what is going to make you        distressed.

- Think of things that make you happy or relaxed, it helps you distract yourself from the tougher things

- If it is school work that is getting you down, try taking a couple of deep breaths and getting it done because if you don't the stress will just build up, then you would feel worse than before

 5 people, places, and things I am greatful for are...

- Going Backpacking, it is one of my favorite things to do

- Friends and Family

- Having a good house, and money for necessities (sometimes including treats)

- Living in a stable environment

- Having a good education (it's the lowest for a reason)

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3 years ago

The pictures add a lot, Sam!