Human Spaceflight Should End

By: Jonathan Villegas

Have you heard about the incident known as "Apollo 1"? which three was when

astronauts were killed by a fire that broke out in their capsule during a ground test in 1967. How do you think the family of those Astronauts felt about that? Do you believe that Human Spaceflight should end?

Many people have died doing the exploration of the government. All people involved with NASA loved their jobs. The only thing is that I don't believe that they loved their jobs so much that they are willing to die for it. I mean they know the risks and they know how dangerous their jobs is. And so do the government. If they know the risks and all why don't they send space probes knowing that they're more effective.

Imagine if the government sent space probes instead of Humans? How faster it will be and how much more efficient it would be for everyone especially for those that work for NASA. Space probes have helped us find things about the space faster without that much danger. They can see everything in less time and have more information in half the time that a human can. This can make people happier and it can help the government in many ways too compared to the Human Spaceflight.

How many more lives are we willing to sacrifice knowing that we can send space probes which are more efficient?  What do we need to do to make sure we don't loose any more lives? Are you willing to sacrifice those lives?

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2 years ago

A few to many rhetorical questions but looks good.