fish are bae

mine as well treat them well

long fin red minor tetra- This magnificent and beautiful fish is perfect for an aquarium because its temperature has a very wide range. it is also a pretty friendly fish, it is mostly a schooling fish, that is why we bought 5 of them. these fish like to have heavily planted areas witch means we can add more beauty to the tank.

fancy goldfish- we chose these fish because of their unique look. they have an easy to deal with temperature range and they have an easy appetite to satisfy. these are friendly fish and don't really school up.

fantail goldfish- these are your everyday pet fish. this is with good reason, they are pretty animals and they are easy to take care of. they have a diet that is easy to take care of and they bond well with other fish. they live at a normal room temperature of anywhere between 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit.  

tall driftwood- we got this as a place for the fish to hide and play in and it also adds a kind of lake life effect.-$40

Asian pagoda- we added this because it give an Atlantis effect, like the great lost city.-$25

castle bridge- We added this for looks mainly, it is a wonderful piece of art that really makes an aquarium pop.-$30

begonia plant- We chose this plant because most of our fish thrive more in moderately planted areas.-$4

jungle pod- We chose this plant because our fish thrive better in heavily planted areas as told before and this plant in particular is quite beautiful. It is very colorful witch brings life to the image.-$12

blue medium with rock base- This plant is to fill in more space, it looks good with a very vibrant yet simple blue.-$15

tru-temp heater-$36

EHEIM eco canister filter-$70

multi-color gravel- we bought 5 bags of white, 5 bags of blue, and 2 bags of pebble beach

volume- 675 cubic in.


dimensions- 36" by 15" by 20"  medium sized tank.

volume- 10800 cubic in., 6.25 cubic ft.

gallons- 46.875

5 long fin red minor tetra-$19.95

2 fantail gold fish- $6.78

2 fancy goldfish- $65.98




12 gravel-$66

blue medium with rock base-$15

begonia plant-$4

jungle pod-$12

castle bridge-$30

Asian pagoda-$25

tall driftwood-$40

total cost-665.71

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