When Somalia was faced with a drought in 2011, 12.4 million people needed humanitarian assistance due to the shortage of food. However, as UN ships attempted to provide support they were faced with Somalia's increasing problem of piracy, which reached its peak in 2011 with 237 incidents and 28 vessels hijacked. The lack of authority allowed for fisherman to turn to piracy in order to try to protect Somalia and as an alternative source of income. Foreigners had been dumped toxic and nuclear waste and taking the supply of fish away from them. Fisherman made more money this way, with a profit of about $300 million in 2010. These pirate attacks typically include "attacking commercial ships, taking hostages, and demanding high ransoms".

The most widely known movies based off of this issue include Captain Phillips and The Project. Captain Phillips is about a U.S. container ships that was hijacked in April 2009 Americans being held hostage by Somalia pirates until October 2013 while The Project is a docudrama about the growing problems about Somalia pirates.

Most recently, four Thai fisherman that were captured in 2010 when pirates hijacked their fishing vessel were released on February 27, 2015.

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