A New Way Of Transportation

By: Eira Cantu
Core 1 2/24/14

In this experiment I conducted a survey. I used a convenience sample, and asked them how satisfied they were with there current transportation as well what kind of transportation they used and how often. The top picture tells you how satisfied people where with there current transportation. The next picture is a graph explain how often and what kind of transportation people use. Finally, the last picture the the survey and answer. Each graph has the variation and central tendency.

My next step in this experiment was to list problems or issues that my data revealed. My first problem was people didn't like to ride the bus. Also my data revealed that more people rode the car everyday. They wanted to be more comfortable. So, what I did was I came up with my own product for the society to be more happy. My product was named There 4 You. Its a bus that flys with entertainment like tv's. I came up with two prices one was for u to get in which was 10 dollars, and the other price was additional every 20 minutes it charged 2 dollars. The additional price came to me because i figured since it got there faster by flying it would be worth paying, but yet at a very economical price.

The picture above was my next step to my success, I did another survey to know what the people wanted. So, i came about asking the following questions, "What do you want my product to do?", and "What changes could i do to my product?". Then i decided to graph my survey on what is being expected from a new transportation product.

The graph above reveals that that my product needed to have massage chairs installed and a bathroom to satisfy my customer. The things i would change in this product was to make it more spacious. My product would be marketable!

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