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Health and beauty go hand-in-hand. That is why there is the phrase, “being in the pink of health.” It is because if one is healthy, the person will have a pinkish blush on his/her cheeks. Staying healthy does not demand as much effort as one thinks it does. It just depends on exercising a little control, and knowing your health facts. It would surprise one to know that lack of exercise has a death toll which is equal to that caused by smoking. Another interesting fact to know would be that those who frequently eat restaurant food have a greater tendency of becoming obese. These days, Caesar salads have more calories than a hamburger. In fact, the list of funny facts is aced by this one: laughing 100 times a day is equivalent to 15 minutes of bicycle exercise. These facts about health sure do tell one the basic thing one needs to know. Exercising, eating homemade food, laughing more and the like can help improve one’s health condition.

Talking about beauty, nowadays it is closely associated with having a clear, blemish free face. Then there is this question of the century: how to get rid of acne? There are quite a few explanations available on the internet. To discuss a few, there is the method where you use Aspirin. It is a common household item, and can be effectively used on pimples. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce pimples in size. Grind it into powder and make a 1:3 paste with water. Use a Q-tip to apply it.

Next method which is very effective is Aloevera. This herb is a long term solution. It soothes your skin, removes oil and is completely natural. With regular application, even the most stubborn acne will surrender. Speaking of long-term, there are times when a pimple needs to be taken care of quickly. In such times, apply toothpaste to the affected area and go to sleep. When you wake up, the pimple will have shrunk to half its size. Toothpaste contains silica which dries the pimple up. It is a mission critical solution for imminent parties.

Talking about more naturally healthy solutions to get rid of acne, steaming is the best option. It opens up the clogged skin pores and reinvigorates the facial nerves and tissues. In addition to providing natural moisture, the excess oil gets drained out along with dirt. Regular steaming leaves your skin glowing and feeling supple.

For men, beauty lies in bodybuilding. A week into gym, you’ll certainly start looking for bodybuilding supplements that help your growth. Before diving-in nose first into the flashy products that get advertised, know your facts. For those who are looking for casein powder to gulp down before sleeping, cottage cheese is highly recommended. It contains high amounts of casein and is real, eatable food. Avoid eating protein bars, as they contain more sugar than protein. In the long run, you might just be consuming unwanted calories. Another important thing to pay attention to is multivitamins. While they are good as added assurance against deficiencies, eating real food for these vitamins always gives better results. Don’t rely heavily on supplements.

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