Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!
An Australian interpretation of the text Super Size Me

Aussie Aussie Ausisie! is what most Australians say but are we so aussie anymore?

The film Supersize me by Morgan Spurlock shows that the American culture is all about fast food and eating big, but are we following them? Australians have always been represented as very sporty and healthy as we are assisted in a lot of health care and support unlike the Americans but this is slowly becoming useless as we are coming more involved with fast food especially MacDonald’s which is now called Maccas as they referee to “Aussies” liking the name better and trying to draw customers in more and more.

What happen to the old way Australians used to think? They were so proud of their nation and committed everything to sport, family and friends. The problem now is time and whens there’s not enough time parents seem to have not enough time for the well being for there kids as the say go to Maccas for a quick bite, but is it really worth it? I believe Australians are following the Americans way to much! They think the Americas are right, but we used to be right before we relied so much on fast food. Morgan Spurlock mentions Maccas popped up everywhere in America and believe me its getting just as bad over here.

McDonalds has even started to change things the way Aussies want them, first the name to Maccas then they try open this coffee shop inside called Mc café which sells all preserved cakes and now they try introduce “create your own” witch may sound like it’s a healthy option but believe its not.

So is it worth it? Is all this fatty food worth the harm it courses, Australians are bad enough as it is do they really need to become more obese then Americans! Don’t support MacDonald’s.

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