college and career
5th period english 1
brandon snell
oaksterdam university

Oaksterdam is a combination of Oakland and Amsterdam. Oaksterdam is one of the friendliest cannabis communities in the country. Founded in 1996 as safe haven for the first permitted medical cannabis dispensary. It went on to pass Measure Z, allowing private consumption of marijuana for adults in clubs around Oakland. You can find medical marijuana doctors offices, medical marijuana dispensaries, the hemp and cannabis museum Oaksterdam Gift Shop, marijuana attorneys, accountants, horticulturalists consultants and more.

The reason why i picked this topic and university is me and a friend thought about it and we did are research on it wasnt a bad idea they pay around 20-25 hourly pay wich is really good enough for me also the job is fun and easy you get to help patients everyday and chill with your co workers or whoever is in your dispensary the college will improve my knowledge on the plant witch will show the owners of a dispensary that i have experience with the plant so they'll choose me over someone who just wants the job and not know much about the plant

The hourly pay can arrange from 20-25 or some from 12-15 and higher it depends on the dispensary and the position you choose bud tending is easy you restock on the medical marijuana sell it go over how the strain makes you feel and a review of it if a customer ask they also clean and file papers get the mail and more but not all work that way the benefit to me is making patience happy your helping someone out if they have a condition plus the job is like no other.

Career Objectives

i want to succeed in life while doing the job i love even if i have to start off somewhere like a minimum paying job as long that ill gain experience and knowledge it will prepare me for my final job that i will stick to for the rest of my life.

Education History

Sept. 2015 - Oct. 2016

eldorado high school
9th grade
elpaso, Texas

» been going to school all my life never repeated a grade my knowledge is what i need for my future life and that's why i will never give up on myself

Work Experience

Aug. 2014 - Jan. 2015

my tios store
elpaso, Texas

» worked there for a good while on the register other than that i would help my dad do side jobs and would get pay i learned that you have to work for what you want life is a constant battle it will make you fall to your knees if you let it but i'm a hard worker i like challenges.

Hobbies & Interests

» Baseball

Skills & Abilities

» Committed

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