Teaching our students to develop ideas and implement them in ever growing technological society. Providing our students with high quality instructors, facilities and equipment; are students will excel beyond measure.


Public High-school

NC Mountain school (located close to the edge of a mountain), modern technology, security, and hearing and air units in every classroom. separate lab classrooms with air units for smell control and seminar rooms with a window-wall to provoke thought and appreciation. classrooms on first floor are larger and include computer laboratories, rooms on second floor are smaller. School is designed modern, yet still comforting and welcoming. Separate building for recreational activities.

Class schedule

8:30 start time, 4:30 end time, trimester with 3 classes per semester (traditional 5 days a week and 180 days), 2 hour classes with a 2 hour lunch (with a double lunch set up and the option to travel off immediate campus to a food building)


Flaming Phoenix


8 English, 8 Math (these would be 2 semester classes), 8 Sciences, 4 Histories, 4 Elective (P.E./Physical Class as one) Electives would consist of Foreign Language, Band/Orchestra, Chorus, Career and Technical Education, Arts, Auto Shop, Rock Climbing/Intramurals/Sports, Health Sciences, Foods.

Grading System

10 point system because it prepares students for college and prepares them for the competitive world.


Baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, track/field, wrestling, swimming, rock climbing, football, hockey, rugby, fencing, equestrian, ping pong.


Teachers must have a masters degree in their specific field of teaching. Has to be an actual teaching degree/certification. No criminal backgrounds. Must be hand-picked by a board.

The questions would not be “questions” as much as discussion topics. The thought that would be put into these themes would be the determining factors of their job.

  1. Dedication.
  2. Personality.
  3. Technology.
  4. Teaching Methods.
  5. Travel.

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