A Christmas Apple

      New York is always busy,especially in December.People are rushing to get to to the stores before they are out of stock for the perfect gift.It’s not easy living in New York,always getting pushed and shoved out of the way.I am a fourteen year old girl and I have been living in New York my whole life.I live here with my mother in a wonderful,three bedroom apartment.My father is in the military.He left when I was three and he abandoned us.We have not seen him since.We never get news of him and we are always wondering, but we never wonder out loud.We both miss him and are on the edge of breaking.If we ever bring him up, I know we will both break,but for different reasons.My mother can’t stand the thought of not knowing what is happening to him.I just want to know him,know who he is.

      I go to Big Apple High School.I guess you could say I am popular.I have lots of friends,I go to sleep overs,I have had boyfriends,but not any right now.Friends are great,but I have been wanting a dog.A dog is like a best friend.I want a dog because I know that it would not judge me or leave me.It would always be at my side and It would stay with me throught the good and the bad.My mother said that we could not get a dog because a dog can not adjust to our busy lifestyle in New York.I totally diagree with her.If I ever got a dog we would love each other as a mother loves her child.

      On the way to school one day,I am walking past an alley ,when I hear a small bark.I look into the alley,I don’t see anything so I keep walking.I think about that bark I heard all day at school.I look into the alley on my way home.I gasp,I see a small, golden,skinny puppy digging through the trashcan.It must have heard me gasp because it looked up,saw me and ran away.I had the urge to run after it right then, but I knew it would run away again.I ran home and got a few pieces of turkey and a plastic bowl,and a water bottle.As I ran back to the alley,I was thinking,what if this pup could be mine someday.I halted at the alley,I tried to coax it toward me with the turkey, but it did not come to me.I could see the hunger for the turkey in his eyes,but he was strong enough to hold back.I was not going to just leave him with no food, so I left the turkey and a bowl of water for him.Right as I turned away,I saw him lunge for the turkey.I think I should not tell my mom yet because she might want to tell the shelter or the pound.I wanted to see what my chances were first.The next morning I sneak some turkey and an extra water bottle in my school bag.I wanted to see the puppy again,but I also wished that he was not there.Mabye some nice people picked him up and gave him a loving home.I was wrong,he was still there.I crouched there and called him to see if he would come to me.He moved toward me a little but jumped back when I moved my arm.I just left the food and water there and went to school.On my way back I was prepared.I had snuck a hamburger from lunch into my pocket.I sat down on the edge of the alley and put the burger in my lap,After a while, he came up took it out of lap and bolted back behind the trashcan.I decide to name him Apple because he is a small pup in the big apple.

      As I was walking home I saw a police car in front of our apartment building.I got scared and ran inside,wondering what was hapening.My mother was in the lobby.When she saw me,she ran over and gave me a hug.she said she was so worried,she did not know what had happened to me.I guess I was in the alley with the pup longer than I thought.I apologize to my mother,but she asked me where I was.I have to lie to her,I just can’t have Apple taken away,he is just starting to trust me.I tell her I stayed at school to help a teacher.

      After a couple days of the same routine,my mom gets more suspicious just when Apple opens up a little.Apple is used to my visits now he waits for me in the morning and in the afternoon.He trusts me completely now,he lets me hold him and pet him.Sometimes if I stay with him for a while he will fall asleep in my lap.Sometimes I see him sleeping on the floor and I realize that must be uncomfortable.So I use my money and buy him a dog bed.He took it from my hands and dragged it behind the trash can.When he comes back I see he has an old water bottle in his mouth.He walks up to me and lays it by my feet.I think he wants to play fetch so I throw it.He runs and gets it and lays it by me feet again.I pick it up and throw it.He returns it to my feet.I pick it up and throw it so far it goes out the other end of the alley.When he goes out the other end to get the bottle, a man with a fishing net sort of thing grabs Apple and runs.I yell,by the time I get to the other end he is gone.The only thing that I see is his pound truck pulling away,with the horn beep,beep,beeeep as it goes.I run all the way to the pound.When I got there I feel like a deer after a cheetah chase. There is no one at the front desk so I run to the back,past all the cages.The tears flow down my cheeks even faster from hearing all of the dogs sad barks and howls.Then I stop when I hear a familiar bark.There he is.I sink to my knees in front of his cage and sob.Then I got angry.”Someone get in here and give me my dog”I screamed with all the voice I could muster.One of the men came in and told me I had to pay 100$ to get Apple back and since I am not 18 I have to get a paper signed by my mom.I do not care how much trouble I will be in.I will get Apple out as soon as I can,he does not deserve to spend even a second in that death hole.I run home.When I get home I tell my mom everything from the beginning.She is furious with me but,she can see how important this is to me so we get in the car.I tell my mom it is 100$ but,I will pay her back later.

      My mom sees how adorable he is and says we can keep him only if he is house trained and can adjust to our lifestyle.She also says that he will be my early Christmas present. On the way home as Apple jumps around and licks our faces,my mother asks me what did I learn from this whole situation?I tell her that if you love something enough,you should stop at nothing to get it.As Apple and I lay in bed I whisper in his ear that he is my Christmas Apple and I love him.

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