Infants 0-12 Months Developmental Needs

Physical Needs

  • At 0 to 12 months:
  • When your childs is at these stages of birth their going to nuzzle at your shirt to alert you that their hungry and they need to be feed.
  • Your baby's language will start out as cooing (goo goo gaga), and they will start to babble a lot and let you know their trying to tell you something.
  • Keep in mind these conversations don’t always have to involve sounds or talking. You can have a "conversation” with your baby by smiling back at her when she smiles at you, or by rolling a ball back and forth to one another.
  • talking and responding when your baby makes sounds or tells you in other ways what he or she wants
  • Try hiding behind a book, a pillow or a scarf. You can also play peek-a-boo by holding your baby in front of a mirror and then moving away from your reflection. Move back in front of the mirror and say, “peek-a-boo!”

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