Career Research Project

Social Worker
Katlyn Phillips

Necessary Job skills



-Help people deal with their problems

-Friendly and caring

Education Requirements

-4 year, Bachelor Degree

-2 additional years, Master Degree

-2-4 additional years, PHD

College Description
Monmouth College

Monmouth College is in Monmouth, IL. Monmouth is a small Liberal Arts private school. It is a coed college in a rural setting. The class sizes are about 15-20 students per class. They provide 35 majors, 30 minors, and 16 pre-professional programs. The enrollment size is about 1,200 students. Some aspects of Monmouth that I love are; Freshman can have cars, its close to home, possess sororities and Fraternities, and the school is small enough to cheer. Overall Monmouth is a private school in a town of 9,901, in a rural setting, that includes all the majors and minors I would like to enroll in.

Words to live by...

You can always find problems with any decision, but you can't let that stop you. -Ted Mosby

This quote is one I've always lived by ever since I watched T.V. series, How I Met Your Mother. Not only is How I Met Your Mother one of my favorite television series but it shares important life lessons. This quote is important because as it really inspires me to do what I want to do in life whether or not people tell me it's the wrong decision to make.

My role model

My role model would have to be Sadie Robertson. I have always loved the show Duck Dynasty, which her family is featured on. Sadie is such a beautiful, family oriented, genuine, Christian girl. I admire that Sadie always puts her Faith before anything else. She wants to lead a pure lifestyle in the eyes of Christ at all times and has wanted that for herself since she was young. Sadie is involved in her community as well as in her church and with her family. At the age of 17, Sadie Robertson has accomplished many things like writing her own book "Live Original", was a semi finalist on the ABC's Dancing With The Stars, and created her own Prom dress line with designer Sherri Hill all in the course of the last year and a half.

Sadie is one of my role models because she believes in herself and her family, accomplished so much at age 17, devoted herself to Christ at a young age, and never takes no for an answer.

Social work is an extremely hard fight. But it's  a worthy one.

Social work is an extremely hard fight. Rebecca Joy Novell expresses, "While I was warned that social work would be emotionally challenging, it is not something you can fully comprehend until you experience it for yourself... I still believe that social work can truly make a positive difference in people's lives"(Novell np.). Novell states in this article that social work is a very heart breaking job, but the out comes can be truly amazing. She said she would feel guilty sitting at home knowing one of your patients lives stinks. You really have to be cut-out for a job like this, because at work you have to keep your emotions to your self on lock-down. In the article Novell states that social work is a very "emotionally-challenging job."