Horsetown Western Stores

by Ashley Dombrowski



      Horsetown Western Stores are part of a chain in which predominantly Western styled horse tack (saddles, bridles, etc.), clothing, hats, be boots are sold. Horsetown Western Stores' original location was in Marietta, Georgia inside of the Meier family's small home. This 'store' was established in 1973.

     Since then, it has continued to be family owned and operated by the family, and four locations exist. These locations are in Marietta, Locust Grove, and Snellville Georgia, as well as Talladega, Alabama. Additionally, Horsetown is the largest western store in the Southeast, with each location's square footage over 70,000 feet. Lastly, it is still owned and operated by Otto Meier, who is the son of the original owners, who have since deceased.

Horsetown's primary location in Marietta, Georgia.


     Horsetown ships items to all states from their online store, so all four examples of transportation are used. Additionally, with over 250 manufacturers providing products to all four locations, trucks, planes (if made overseas, especially), boats (by river or ocean, depending on manufacturer), and possibly trains as well.

All four examples of transportation


     Horsetown wasn't always so successful. In the beginning, the business struggled, as it was run by the Meier family out of their small home. Additionally, they had to compete with hundreds of tack stores in Georgia, including Dover Saddlery, which is the largest horse supply chain in the United States. Additionally, Horsetown specializes in Western tack, which makes finding customers more difficult, since most Georgians actually ride English. Lastly, their prices are higher than Dover's, which also makes it more difficult to receive customers.

Western saddle (left) and English saddle (right).


     Horsetown is the largest chain of horse supply stores in the Southeast, which brings over one hundred jobs to the state. There are three large locations, and one smaller one in Talladega. Horsetown is the most popular horse supply store in Georgia, according to local equestrians. Lastly, Horsetown has more products and square footage than any other horse supply store in the Southeast, which brings more jobs, whether they are cashiers, janitors, managers, or shippers.

Lots of boots (actual picture of Horsetown Marietta).


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