Hank Williams

Tyler Hagy

Hank willams

My famous person is Hank Williams. He was born in Mount Olive,Alabama. He was born on September, 17. He also liked music as a kid. When he was 12, he was in the drifting cowboys that sang songs a played music. His first house burnt down to the ground. They moved to a new house,but soon his mother turned it in to a boarding house.

Hank Williams was famous for singing, he kind of was a spiritual country kind of singer. I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be Old Country Church. He also won a Grammy for best for best vocal collaboration. Some facts about him are his friends got called to military, He had 5 wives! He hired a high school student to drive him to concerts, he died in a car and the boy didn't know it until he stopped for gas. His mother sold peanuts for money to buy his guitar.

Next they moved to a new house and he started his career alone. It went well for him he did it for a while.He got married at a young age.He met her at a Texco station they started out pretty well then they got divorced. Then he met another girl and they didn't get married because she died.Finally he met this woman and they got married and had their son Randell Hank Williams.

He did all these things to set goals. He climbed higher and to reach his goals. Everybody should try to reach and get there.