My Song Presentation

By Skye Phillips


0:40- 0:45

.. don't believe me ask the dishes..

You can't talk to dishes.


1:02- 1:12

.. your love is a symphony all around me running through me....

Love can not actually be all around you or running.


0:11- 0:19
How can you see into my eyes like open doors..

You can't actually into eyes like open doors.



...Her eyes make the stars look like they aren't shining...

Your eyes can't be brighter than the stars, he is saying her eyes are really pretty.


2:43-2:47 is a temple love the higher law...
Love is not a temple or a higher law it is a feeling. What he means is that love is important.



.... I got some ocean front property in Arizona where you can see the sea I got some ocean front property in Arizona if you'll buy that i will throw in the golden gate in free..

There is no ocean front property in Arizona it is a desert and you can't throw the Golden Gate Bridge in it is to heavy for that.


...look into your heart and you'll find the sky's yours..

You can't look into your heart and the sky can't be yours



D-I-N-O-S-A-UR a dinosaur { repeated} O-L-D-M-A-N your just an old man...

She is saying that he is old but dangerous like a dinosaur.


..I'm the sunshine in your hair I'm the shadow on the ground...

You can't be sunshine in the hair or a shadow on the ground,he is saying that he will be in there hearts.



..the sun is on my side take it for a ride..

You can't ride on the sun but in this song it is giving the song the ability to be ridden.

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