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    Frenchi Cakes is a cupcake bakery and delivery service provided  by Lissy Rienow Emerson. Our cupcakes our delicious, pretty, and the perfect treat for any occasion! We are a home based bakery located in Wheaton Il, and deliver our cupcakes to you!  To place an order, email us at or use the order form below.

Our Mission:

A part of all of our profits goes to support "Kids Alive" a ministry helping orphans in the dominican republic. Our goal is to assist their ministry with our financial support.   

Our Flavors:

vanilla cupcake w/ vanilla butter cream frosting

vanilla cupcake w/ chocolate butter cream frosting

Chocolate cupcake w/ Chocolate butter cream frosting

Chocolate cupcake w/ vanilla butter cream

lemon cupcake w/ lemon butter cream frosting

Gluten free vanilla cupcake w/ vanilla butter cream

Our Prices:

One dozen cupcakes- $15

half dozen cupcakes- $12

Payment can be made by check or cash at the time of delivery or using the payment form below.

Delivery Day: Saturday

If a special delivery day (a day other than Saturday)  is needed,  an extra $7 is added to the cost. (deliveries in Chicago area only).

We Do Custom Colors and Designs!

If you want to have our cupcakes for a birthday party, baby shower, Party ect..... We will custom design them for you! We do colors, decorations and names. When placing a custom order please inform us of what colors you want, decorations and names to put on your cupcakes. Custom orders cost an additional fee of $10.

When placing an order:

  Email us at to place your order. Please  inform us of your name, address, flavor of your cupcakes, how many cupcakes you will be purchasing, and when you need them delivered.

                                               We Hope you enjoy our Delicious cupcakes!

                                                                            Bon Appetite!

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