Columbus Day

Columbus day is a day to celebrate Christopher Columbus.  The reason why we celebrate Columbus day is because that day civilization changed completely

Christopher Columbus

Before Columbus started his adventure he had to talk to the retired queens commissioner.  After he told the queens commissioner about his theory about the world being sphere. The queens commissioner sent a message to the queen, then he set off for England to convince the queen to get 3 ships so Columbus could set off for new lands and to prove the world was round.

The Journey

After two years of wait he finally convinced the queen to get 3 ships for Columbus to set off.  Along the way to new lands a strange thing happened to the compass and the crew panicked. Columbus explained what happened and said the north star moved, and the crew calmed down and went back to sleep.  Thirty days had passed and the crew started to question Columbus and had a plan to throw him overboard so they could go back home.  Luckily one of Columbus's officers were listening and told Columbus about it, but Columbus was stubborn and kept moving west.  Then the crew confronted Columbus and his officers, then the crew asked Columbus if he would turn back and he said no.  Then they had a huge battle, but as they were battling someone spotted land and the crew calmed down and relaxed because they thought they were close to land.  twelve hours later everyone woke up and the island disappeared. suddenly the crew questioned Columbus so Christopher said "if I haven't found land in three days then they we will turn back."

El Salvador

Within two days and twelve hours they finally found land and it's natives, so Columbus told his crew to trade and teach the natives about Christianity.  After everyone settled on the island one of the three ships captain betrayed Columbus and sailed away.  

In the end Columbus proved the world was sphere and he gained a great amount of gold for Britain and was pronounced as a lord.  Years later the queen and king questioned Columbus for he didn't let them get the gold or start civilization on the islands , so they brought Columbus back from the islands so they could start working on them. Soon enough Columbus dies of old age in Valladolid Spain May 20, 1506.