1960's and 1990's

Mason Buck, Easton Silman, Derek Lamb, Michael Arnold, and Gideon Gregory


  • The Spice Girls wrote Wanna Be during the 90s.
  • Phil Collins wrote In the Air Tonight
  • Michael Jackson wrote his famous hit Black or White.
  • Popular clothing of the 90's were overalls with strap downs, mood rings, and skate T's with rollerblades.
  • Many major world events that happened in the 90s were the Hubble Space craft launched into space, Lech Walasa becomes the first president of Poland, and Nelson Mandela was freed.
  • A few things that happened in the 90s were the economy boomed, That 70's show premiered, and Daddy Bush was president.
  • Artists from other genres that were popular were Snoop Dog and George Strait.


  • Tom Jones wrote It's Unusual.
  • Neil Diamond wrote the legendary Sweet Caroline.
  • The Temptations wrote the well known My Girl.
  • Popular clothes in the 60's were high-wasted pants,pencil skirts, blouses, and pastel colors.
  • Some major events that were happening during the 60's were the most powerful earthquake ever recorded hit Chile, birth control pills were approved by the FDA, and the first televised presidential debate was on tv.
  • A few things that were happening in America were the economy boomed, Hogan Heroes, premiered, and John F. Kennedy was president and was assassinated.
  • Artists from other genres who were popular were the Beatles.

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