Requirements for Essay 4

Overview of Task:

Final Draft Due at The End of Week 8:

In a closed-form essay of approximately two-to-four, double-spaced pages (500 to 1000 words), explain and analyze these things:

  • the two most important things you learned this semester that you intend to apply in future courses and real life,
  • and a significant challenge ahead for you as an academic writer.

Purpose of the Assignment:

PROVE to me that you have

1) mastered the overall organization for closed-form writing and

2) are ready for any writing assignment future professors throw at you! You are showing me that you understand what you need to know to be successful writing in English 2 and all your other courses.

Requirements for Essay 4 Final Draft

You are writing a closed-form essay. That means your paper should:

  • support each thing you learned and identify a writing challenge you face with specific examples from your instructor's feedback on essays and peer reviews, etc.,
  • have a thesis in the introduction of the paper,
  • begin well-developed, unified, coherent paragraphs with strong topic sentences,
  • demonstrate unity and coherence in the overall structure and organization of the paper,
  • be submitted in MLA manuscript format.

Revise and edit essay 4 using strategies you've learned in this course; you will not receive peer review from others or your instructor by default. You MAY use BrainFuse (encouraged!) or a Madison College writing center tutor (even better!). If your overall grade is a BC or lower, you are strongly encouraged to use a writing tutor to avoid submitting a failing essay that could jeopardize earning a C or better in this course. Overall course grades lower than a C do NOT transfer to other colleges and will prevent you from passing many other Madison College courses.

I expect significant critical thinking, honesty, integrity, and personal insights in this essay. Good luck!

Questions? Post below:

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