As FIFA 15 has a different gameplay

As FIFA 15 has a different gameplay than FIFA 14, its defending mechanics have become more realistic. But, it’s now more difficult to defend in FIFA 15 while the attacking is easier since the dribbling is simpler in this game.
In this article, you will find some tips and tricks that can help you improve your defensive skills and do defend properly at FIFA 15 especially when you play online.

The fact is that FIFA 15 defensive mechanics were improved and became even more real. What you need to do is basically to go close to the attacker and press the standing or sliding tackle button at the right time. So it means, it’s more about the mental action and you have to think about it more than before, it is called Tactical Defending which is there in FIFA game since FIFA 12. You can still switch it back to the classic defending method by going to the setting and change it Legacy Defending. But, I personally recommend you to stick with tactical defending and try to get pro at it.