Wright Capital Corporation Offers Custom Financing for PUD Drilling

An investment firm located in Abilene, Texas, that concentrates on opportunities in the oil and gas industry, Wright Capital Corporation provides clients across six continents with an extensive range of services, such as volumetric production payment, acquisition financing, structuring and hedging, and funding for non-operated interests. Committed to fostering long-term relationships with its partners, Wright Capital Corporation structures flexible financing solutions that both help middle-market companies advance their business objectives and secure the interests of the firm’s individual and institutional investors.

Responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in capital for exploration and production enterprises in the oil and gas sector, Wright Capital generally engages with clients seeking investments from $250k to approximately $250 million. Though the firm maintains the ability to execute deals subject to condensed time constraints, it prefers to follow a methodical transaction process, working with clients to identify their goals and remaining in contact even after financing is delivered to help confront any emerging issues.

In addition to its other financing mechanisms, Wright Capital Corporation offers a program specifically for providing non-recourse funding to oil and gas drilling operations on proved undeveloped reserves (PUD). Drilling developments the firm considers potentially eligible for the program are located onshore, led by an experienced operator with substantial working interest, and capable of constraining the rate of spending and transporting products to market.