Wright Graduate University

Transformational Education at Wright Graduate University

About Wright Graduate University

The Wright Graduate University (WGU) is an educational institution based in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Founded by Drs. Michael Zwell and Robert and Judith Wright in 2006, Wright Graduate University is at the forefront of the field of transformational education. It provides graduate degrees at both the master's and doctoral levels in transformational leadership and coaching.

WGU's curriculum is designed and optimized for adult learners who are accustomed to independent study, and at the same time, are efficient group workers. Particular focus is given to mid-career professionals who seek to improve their leadership and coaching styles. Lessons are conducted on campus and online; students are also required to attend one-on-one sessions with their program mentors who will guide them through their course track and provide academic, logistical, and personal support as needed. Most of the courses are self-directed, meaning students freely arrange and negotiate their mentoring and group sessions with their mentors and other students.

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