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Welcome to print + parcel, a weekly delivery of good things designed to make your brain happy. That up there? That's Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, a Columbus staple. It's summer. Go get some. Your tastebuds will thank you. But enough of that. On to this week's officially delightful dozen...

Life Isn't About Working

For the longest time we lived in a world where there was a norm. A status quo. Get these grades, go to these schools, get these jobs and everything will work out. By following a predetermined path, our society made promises to its citizens that if you do what’s expected, you will be rewarded with a life of comfort. The path of least resistance.

As we’ve all learned, this is bullshit. There’s no path of least resistance. There’s not even a path. There’s a giant forest in which we’ve been placed in the middle of and told to survive, with very few tools with which to navigate.

Our country was founded on freedom along with several rights for every individual including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This doesn’t say the pursuit of a paycheck. It says happiness. Read more

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26 Things Every Woman Should Know About Success

Maybe you're just starting out in your job. Maybe you're on your way but feeling torn between work and family commitments. Or maybe you're in a leadership position but desperate for ways to infuse your life with more joy. In any of those cases, this advice will help you succeed on your own terms -- and enjoy that success a little more. Read More


Meet, an urban harvesting map that brings together community and city datasets from all over the internet. In plain English? A crowdsourced map listing all the public, edible trees, shrubs and bushes in your neighborhood. Go out and get your urban forage on!  (Just try not to get arrested in the process.) Check out here.

Facebook’s Secret To Building Friendships: Many Small Interactions

In your life, you have at least one relative stranger whom you’ve grown close to. Maybe it’s a doorman. Maybe it’s the cashier at the local bodega. Maybe it’s the guy who works in the next cubicle over. So what if you only know their first name, and you’ve never had a conversation that exceeded 45 seconds? Over months of opened doors, midnight candy bars, and borrowed staplers, you’ve become quite familiar. You have a bond, a friendship, that can only be built over countless moments of tiny social friction.

So why would things work any differently online? Read more

Graphic Designer Dad Illustrates His Kids’ Lunch Bags Almost Every Day Since 2008

And the "Dad of the Year" Award goes to this guy.

Dessau vs. NYC

A pretty little study in two cities, both alike in dignity.

It’s Not Okay Losing People.

Losing people costs your company momentum and money. It’s just a dumb business practice. If people are leaving your company to do the same job somewhere else, you’re failing. Read more

The Value of Clear Space

Every time we fill a gap, every time we choose media over what is going on in our own heads, we lose a chance to focus ourselves. We lose a chance to get our heads clear on our next actions, or to think through a big problem, or maybe just to daydream. Remember daydreaming?

I urge you to stop filling in the gaps. The gaps are where the big thoughts can happen. Read more

Meet Sam. A cat with EYEBROWS.

Two black markings in the stark white fur above his eyes create the illusion of eyebrows: and we can’t stop laughing at him. See more

Dirty Hands, Better Lives

On the Merits of Gardening

I’ve always enjoyed gardening, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started thinking about my hobby from a different perspective. In a world that is so enamored with the latest technology, how can something as fundamentally basic as tending to a plot of land be such a source of immense joy? Read more

Three Must-Follow Instagrammers

Vote for Me!

I am humbled to have been selected as one of the finalists in the running for the first annual "Wild Sister of the Year" Award. The WSOTY "is awarded to someone who is kind, compassionate, optimistic and not afraid to be herself. She’s a trail-blazer and world-changer, passionate about her work and always looking for the positives in any situation. She believes in herself and is determined to make our world a better place. She fights for the rights of equality, animals, the environment or women. She uses her words, art and writing to spread a message of love, positivity and kindness."

Voting opens on June 10. At the risk of sounding like a total politician, I'd so appreciate your vote.

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