Writing Exercises

This page is comprised of writing exercises that can be used to aid in the growth of students as writers.


R.A.F.T. stands for Role of the writer, Audience, Format, and Topic. This writing strategy is great for differentiated teaching and learning as each student is able to use it at an appropriately challenging level for themselves. Below is an example of how R.A.F.T. can be used in a classroom setting. As you can see, the students have the power to choose and adapt what they are writing to suit their personal needs.


Write & Pass

This exercise creates a unique writing opportunity in which a student will begin writing a story or a response to prompt provided by the instructor. After a predetermined time frame or predetermined written length, the student will stop writing, passing their product to another student who will continue where the previous student left off



Allyssa Massarelli / Literacy Strategies/ December 2013