Natural Fibers

Valerie Height

Natural Fibers are fibers made plants or animal sources.There are four types of natural fibers. Staple fibers are lower quality,short fibers. Filament fibers are long, continuous fibers of higher quality. Cellulosic fibers are fibers from plants and finally protein fibers are fibers derived from animals or insects.

Natural fibers include: cotton, wool, silk, and flax.

Cotton is the most widely used of all natural fibers. It is soft and white. Cotton is strong, durable, absorbent, wrinkles easy and cool to wear.

Wool is most commonly used in Australia, South America, New Zealand, and United Kingdom. It is the fiber that forms the coat of sheep. Wool is naturally flame retardant, natural insulator, shrinks if machine washed.

Flax is frown and harvested mostly in Eastern Europe. Flax is durable, strong, comfortable and cool to wear, it wrinkles easily, can be expensive.It is fibers that comes from the stem of a flax plant.

Silk is mostly produced in Asia and Madagasca. It is fine, lustrous fiber that comes from a cocoon spun by a silkworm.Silk is strongest of all natural fibers, expensive, and weakens with exposure to sun

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