300 word Essay
Life: How You Live It Is Your Choice
How Will Your Choices Affect Your Body?

         Lifestyle is the way in which a person or group lives. By choosing your environment, your diet and usage of drugs, you create your own lifestyle. These choices, whether they are positive or negative, always have consequences.

When you make positive life choices it has a positive effect on your life. A lifestyle website shares their opinion on the subject saying, “Eating a healthy diet, doing regular exercise, not smoking and not drinking too much alcohol can help you stay well and enjoy a long life.” By eating a healthy diet you support your immune system and decrease your chances of obesity. By staying active and not smoking you benefit the body in positive ways that can expand your life time. Overall there are many benefits to good lifestyle choices.
When you choose to have an unhealthy diet on top of not exercising, you increase your chances of health problems. A article on the website, Medicene Net claims that "people who smoke, don't excercise and drink achohol are three times as likely to die from cardiovascular disease, and nearly four times as likely to die from cancer, a new study finds...."  

Also when eating unhealthy, processed food you are effecting not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Eating a well balanced diet with unprocessed foods can help your mental health, including your sleep. Studies done by doctor Jo Lewin say that, "large meals and sugary, fatty foods tax your body’s digestive system in a way that makes it difficult for you to drift off and sleep well."

This evidence proves that by taking care of yourself and eating a healthy, balanced diet can positively effect your body.