Samedi Holiday Sentences

What i am Thankful of

5 things im grateful for:

- Mom: She is the women that gave birth to me.

- Dad: He is the man that made me.

- PS4: Is the thing I play when im bored.

- Sister: The women that buys me everything I want.

- Brother: The guy that I fight with.

If someone is feeling down, they should think of their parents for their love!  Another thing that they van do when they are feeling down is eat chocolate because it is proven to make you feel better.  last thing they can do is hamg with frimds to cheer you up! 😊

Love Samedi 😍

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3 years ago

Happy New Year, Samedi! This is half of the assignment; the other half is to give three pieces of advice to someone who is feeling down. Please proofread for punctuation and capitalization.