Instead of this....               Say this instead!

I'm not good at this.                                                   I need to keep practicing.

I'm awesome at this.                                                  I'm on the right track.

I'm stupid.                                                                 I can get smarter by trying hard.

I give up.                                                                 I'll try another way.

I quit.                                                                       What will I lose by trying?

This is too hard.                                                       This will take some effort.

This is too much.                                                       This will take some time.

I made a mistake.                                                      Mistakes help me to learn better.

The first try didn't work.                                              Good thing I can try again!

I can't make this any better.                                        I can always improve my work.

It's good enough.                                                        Is it really my best work?