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Z for Zachariah is a very creative book that will have you at the end of your seat! It follows the story of a 16 year old girl named Ann Burden. After a nuclear war has gone over Ann's family went to see if there are any survivors. Unfortunately her family does not return. She is left alone and decides to keep a journal. One day Ann discovers a man in a raditation suit is still alive. She follows the man undiscovered and watches him. To remain undiscovered she destroys her crops and hides. The man later becomes ill and Anne helps take care of him. But Mr.John Loomis has some dirty secrets and Anne begins to detect that she can not trust Loomis.

Mr. Loomis may have worn a suit like this.

5 interesting facts

Ann Enjoyed the book Pride and Prejudice, read Shakespeare, and liked Charles Dickens.

Ann was 15 going on 16 and made her own Birthday dinner and cake.

Ann planned to be a teacher.

Loomis describes the land to be a 'meteorological enclave' but such thing does not exist, but the stages of radiation is real but is much worse than the book describes.

Loomis decided to try to use hydroelectricity to run the electricity in the house. This is real practice that uses water to create electricity .

Ann wanted to be a teacher
Stages of radiation posioning


".... A haunting, fascinating book... full of action and adventure..." -The New York Times

"..Z FOR ZACHARIAH is an intense, heart-pounding read..." -TeensReadToo

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