A story you will never forget...

"...voted Most Likely to Receive the Death Penalty..."(pg. 10), Brewster Rawlins, A.K.A the Bruiser, is a teenager in the vicious world of high school, but nobody knows he has a dark secret under the "stay away from me or I will hurt you" act. At least, until he meets Bronte and her twin brother, Tennyson. After catching the curiosity in the eye of the not-so-fond Tennyson, Brewster gains his trust when he accidentally finds out about the mysterious boy's secret, along with his sister discovering the impossible mystery that has always been part of her boyfriend's life. This book is filled with excitingly suspenseful moments and character POV switches throughout every last chapter that keeps the reader intrigued and draws in every last drop of your attention until the last page, leaving you wanting more.

P.S: Some of the page numbers could possibly be off due to the fact I have read this book on an E-reader. Thank you!

Credit to Neal Shusterman, for writing this book to its full potential.

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