Women of the American Revolution

Molly Pitcher

          Molly Pitcher was a name given the women named Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley. The nickname of Molly Pitcher was given to women who were said to have fought in the American Revolution. Some say that the name may have been created for women who carried water for the men fighting in the battles. During the time period of the war, Molly was a name given to women named Mary. Mary was in charge of bringing water to the men, and the spring on the battlefield of the Battle of Monmouth was named the Molly Pitcher Spring. During the battle, Mary's husband was shot and was carried away to be treated. After his leave, Mary proceeded to take his place at  loading the cannon. After dark, General Washington asked who the woman was that was firing off the cannon. At this point, he issued Mary a warrant as a non commission officer, and she became known as Sergeant Molly.

Betsy Ross

          As most people know her as Betsy Ross, she was born with the name Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom. She is known mostly for her creation of the first American flag. At the beginning of the war, Betsy was working in upholstery, repairing uniforms, making tents, and putting musket balls into paper tube cartridges. After going blind, on of Betsy's daughter Clarissa took over her business. Although Ross never had direct impact on independence, she created something symbolic that would stand for many many years to follow.

Esther de Berdt Reed

          Esther de Berdt was a leader in soldiers' relief in the war, and formed the Ladies Association of Philadelphia. This group provided aid for the troops, under George Washington. Esther led people from door to door to gather donations for the soldiers.  Berdt's help in the war was a great help to the men.


     During the American Revolution, women played a big role. Few women directly participated in the Revolution, but many were behind the scenes. People see wars as work of men, and they recognize all of their successes. Women were the ones who helped the men get through the war. I believe that without the help of these women, the men would never have seen such great successes.

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