WWI Spies

Brendan Tarpey P.8 21/5/2014

Women were drafted to Spy on Germany so the German officers hung these signs up.

-  During World War 1 if you had been caught spying on other parts of the world you would be most likely killed by a firing squad

-This made it a very hard and scary job to complete so it was best for women to be the spies because back then women were not thought up of being capable of spying on other countries

- Women in general were not recognized as war correspondents because they were not allowed to act in the war in some countries

- There  were a lot of women spies during World War 1

-Marguerite Elton Baker was one of the women spies who wanted to report the conditions of the American's opponents

-On her application, she described herself as" five feet six inches tall, weighing 125 pounds; using no stimulants, tobacco or drugs; and without physical defects." This made her perfect for spying.

-She started spying in 1918

-Mainly Germany was the country that was most spied on by the Americans

-During the War she was looking at the strengths and the weaknesses of Russia a so America could prepare for an attack

-She was found spying on Russia and was help captive for ten months

-Most spies had other jobs than just spying so they could protect their identity