Advice and graditude

       I enjoy life most when hard times hit. When I don't rely on my circumatances to give me joy, but I produce it myself I think that joy is better. I'm more thankful for everything when life gets hard from the taste of peanut butter crackers to poorly daubed Jacky Chan movies. The following is a list of the main things I'm grateful for and things that keep me positive.

1. My AMAZING family I honestly couldn't have a better one.

2. Nature. When times are tough I can hardly focus indoors.

3. Art weither it's a painting, sewer lid, or a rug I love looking at it.

4. Children (especially the little two year old I babysit).

5. Pokemon games, they are an alternate reality I can escape to.

6. Friends

     Along with being grateful it helps it eat food you like. The good taste helps put you in a better mood. Another good thing is to play with a dog, their happiness seems to transfer to you. The best advice I can give though is not to take life too seriously.

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3 years ago

Lovely ideas and pictures, Sarah..."When I don't rely on my circum[s]tances to give me joy, but I produce it myself I think that joy is better" - YES! Happy, happy New Year!