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Biotic and abiotic factors

BIOTIC:Snakes,owls,lizards,cacti,camels,mice,foxes,birds,horses and scorpions.                               ABIOTIC:Soil,rocks,air,water,temperature,gases and light.

Carrying capacity and changes in populations.

Carrying capacity is the number or quantity of  people or things that can be  conveyed or held by a vehicle or container.Resources needed:food,water,sun,shelter.

A horse's population will decrease if water in the area decreases.

Limiting factors and predator/prey relationships

Limiting factors:food shortage,disease outbreak,competition and predation.

Predator/prey relationships:Hawk(predator)lizard(prey). Snake(predator)kangaroo rat  (prey).

Energy roles

Producer: Person, company, or country that makes, grows,or supplies goods.        Producers: Joshua tree,Brittle bush, Salt bush ,Desert lily and Tumbleweed.

Herbivore: Animal that feeds on plants.                                                                       Herbivores: Desert Tortoise, Mule deer, Bighorn sheep, Kangaroo rat and Gambel's Quail.

Carnivore: Animal that feeds on flesh.                                                                          Carnivores: Bobcat, American badger, Rattlesnake, Vulture, Road runner and Mountain lions.

Decomposer: An organism that decomposes organic material.                            Decomposers: Earth worm, Amanita mushroom and Slugs.

Scavenger: An animal that feeds on carrion.Dead plant material or refuse. Scavengers: Coyote,Ravin,vulture and golden eagle.

Food chains & food webs

Food webs are more realistic because...It presents a more better relationship.

If the snakes population was removed,the lizards and the rodents populations would increase.

Trophic levels and energy pyramids.

The energy pyramid shows how much useful energy is in each level.

The reason why top consumers have less than producers is because you lose 90% of energy as you go up a level. This represents different groups of organisms that might compose a food chain.


Chemical equation: CO2+H2O ~ C6H12O6 plus 02

reactants : carbon dioxide,oxygen and glucose. Sugar and oxygen is produced during photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis takes place in small things called chloroplast.


Tropism: Turning or bending of a plant in response to an external stimuli.            Tropisms:Cacti bends arms (geotropism). Salt bush bends towards the sun (phototropism).Tropisms help the plant get nutrients.


From dead make nutrients From dead organisms for plants.if there were no decomposers the energy stops when the organism dies. Decomposers in the desert:

Beetle,earth worms and millipedes.

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