$10 Japanese class in Brisbane

Very cheap but you can learn real Japanese.
Japanese class for people who want to enjoy using Japanese.

Hi, everyone!

We are native Japanese. We teach Japanese to someone who interested in Japanese Anime, Culture, and Casual conversation. We believe that this lesson is recommended to people who would like to learn Casual conversation more than academic Japanese.

~ This lesson feature ~

We focus on conversation and correct pronunciation. You can choose text that your favorite anime, drama, movie, manga. And then, we’ll do the lesson by using it. For example, Role-playing style. We won’t do the lesson like ordinary language school does. During the lesson, you must use Japanese only.

~ Details ~

  • Locate : Library, Park ( your available place as much as possible )
  • Fee : $10/hour
  • You can schedule your available time for lesson day.
  • If you hope know about this lesson, we’re glad to have free consultation.
  • Only one lesson is OK if you feel not to much our lesson.

If you hope get Japanese text like Ghibli, One Piece, Naruto, Dragon ball,

we can get them from Japan. But you have to pay extra charge for text.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Because this organization is composed of volunteers, we can provide services at a low price.This organization is not a scientific organization to guarantee the results of language test and examination.

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