The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Christopher Cardoza

My prediction about the book The Gardener is that it was going to be about plants and the enviorment.

Evolution is the change of heritable traits of biological populations over succesive.In The Gardener evolution is important because

Autotroph is an orginisim that produces complex organic compounds

Heterotroph is and organisim that cannot fix carbon and uses organic for growth

Photosynthes is a plant that uses sunlight to make its food.

The problem with the Karner blue is that its losing its habitats and there getting killed.

The Karner blue is important in the Gardener because it represents the family and how close they are.

Dear future generations Sorry by Prince E.A.

It is about how are generations are leaving a ugly world/Earth for the next 7 generations and that their sorry for everything we did to hurt the planet.

The setting of Trodyn is like kind of futureristic and there is all lot of rooms of their experiments and a big secret lab.

I think human experimentation is bad because they are living people that had lives and they were brought to this world for a reason and if they keep experimenting with humans their will be a dieases that will kill humanity.

Climate Change or global warming is a problem because they hurt us and living things such as animals and trees and ruin crops and also flood cities and kill people.

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