Career research project

Christian Jackson,May 18 2015

Eastern Illinois University,Professor of Philosophy

Job skills

The job skills needed for full professorship are that you need

1.Must have clear and eligible hand writing.

2.Have to clearly and orderly present information for their students

3.Time management you have to be able to plan courses for students to learn.

Job Requirements

The requirements change with the rank of professor.I shall list them below.

Instructors need to have the minimum masters degree.

The assistant professor needs a doctorate or professional degree to attain this position.

The associate professor meats all the requirements of assistant professor while being active in one department.

The full professor meats all the requirements of the associate while having a fantastic track record and having a national reputation in their study.

All of the ranks below full professor are needed for full professorship.

Eastern Illinois University

This university is located in Charleston Illinois.It is a 4 year public university.It is a medium coed college , that resides in a large rural area.

This university has a application deadline by august 1st.The university has over half of its applicants graduate within 6 years.It has a aid package of 12,129 for students that are qualified for it.

Words to live by

The quote i live by is this"great minds discuss ideas.average minds discuss events and weak minds discuss people"This was said by Socrates a great philosopher.It reminds me that instead of little things like personal quirks we should discuss ideas and further our understanding.


My role model was Socrates,He was an old man with a large beard.Socrates is important in my life because his words and philosophy have helped open my horizon beyond my own.His words help me understand myself and others.

Socrates is very important to history and the modern era,His work helped build the foundation of western philosophy.He had students such as Plato who themselves become great philosophers and influenced our lives.He help created what we today would define as ethics.

article about my profession

Walzer, Philip. "Grading Inconsistencies Frustrate Students, but Many Professors..." Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA) Jan.-Feb. 2003: Sirs. Web. 21 May 2015.

The article i am reading about is called Grading Inconsistencies.It is about how professors of different classes would grade a paper differently."All classes can't be evaluated in the same manner," said Elsie M. Barnes, acting vice president for academic affairs at Norfolk State University. "How can you tell fine-arts people that you've got to use the same grading standard as people in criminal justice?"I find it to be interesting that a professor of philosophy may grade a paper differently than say a professor of sociology.I understand that since they have different fields they would be graded differently