52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 33/Album 33

Who: Avail - "Dixie"

When: 1995

Why: The hardest question I am ever asked is "what is your favorite band" , and while I don't really have one because I love so many bands, if I ultimately had to choose just one band to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be Avail.

Where: First time in 1996 at the Euclid Tavern (back to back nights), and the last time was 2006 at the Grog. In the middle of all of the was my favorite show of all time. Avail/Propagandhi at the Agora in 2001.

No time for rest, no!

I found Avail the way I found the majority of my favorite bands. Completely random. I went into Chris' Warped Records looking for 2 CDs (which I believe were 88 Fingers Louie and Lagwagon) that they didn't have. The clerk then asked me if I had heard of a band called Avail and said if I liked those bands, I would like them.  I left Chris' Warped Records that day with "Satiate" and "Dixie". When I got home I started with "Satiate" which was kinda weird, and stuff I wasn't quite into(but eventually it grew on me), but then I put in Dixie and that was all I needed. It wasn't as fast as the West Coast Punk I was drawn to, but it felt like they had their own style of punk. Dixie bounced in between of the fast west coast stuff, and the raw power punk from bands like Fugazi. Dixie had a charge to it that I couldn't compare to anything. This record is flawless. So much power, energy and fun.

Then, after a year of these playing these CD's, I saw them live..... and it was all over for me. The video below is the closet thing I could find to what it felt like to be at that first Avail show.


Beau Beau: "Hi, Im Beau, did you have fun?"  Me: "Oh man, you guys are amazing!"

Beau: "Was this the first time you have ever seen us" Me: "Yes, and ill see you tomorrow too"  HUG IT OUT!!!!


The nicest guys, and the first band I had met and felt like I connected with.  A lot of my friends would be able to cite this band as one of their influences, and favorite bands.

Avail hasn't played live since 2008, but their legacy will live on forever. I keep hoping for the day the decide to give it one more go, but that seems like an impossibility with every year. BUT, if they do, you bet your ass ill be right up front singing my face off!

DIXIE taught me to fly my own flag and be my own person. Dixie is probably the most influential record that ever crossed my path. Dixie is tattooed on my leg and will be with me for life. Thanks Tim, Erik, Beau, Joe and Chuck.