K-12 mLearning Options


iFlashCards is an app that allows students to build unlimited databases of questions that they can test themselves on. Students can create questions with text or images, and time themselves doing the quiz. Students can use this app as a substitution for physical note cards for studying outside of class, alone or in groups for upcoming quizzes or tests.


Bookshelf is an app that allows users to download and view e-books on their personal device. Users can also highlight and make their own notes. English teachers, for example, can use this app to replace physical books for novel studies. Students can read and study with their device instead of a book from the library.

Human Anatomy - Free

This app is a resource to learn the names of various body parts, organs and other terminologies related to the human body. Students can click on each body part for a full description. There is also an option to take tests on how far you are progressing with each lesson. In the classroom, science students can use this app as a supplementary resource to their textbooks.

French Verbs Free

French Verbs Free is an app that gives you access to over 2000 French verbs and their conjugations. French teachers can show their students this app to help them with their in class work, homework, and review. For example, French as a second language courses often involve worksheets or activities on learning verbs. This app can save a student when they are working at home and have no teacher present to answer their questions.

Luminosity Mobile

Luminosity is an app that improves your memory, attention, and overall brain performance through scientific brain workouts. Teachers at all levels can use this app as an extra activity for students in class. Students work at different paces, and this app can be a good way to quietly and constructively occupy students who finish assigned class work or tests ahead of time.

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